Discover Flagship Insight and start proactively monitoring your organisation's Information Infrastructure and data flows - the life blood of your business. Set up alerting to send email and SMS messages to support teams and business owners as soon as your data reveals a problem. Ensure you are aware of those problems before your end users and customers are affected by them.

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Our consultants can add value to an IT project at any point in its lifecycle. From architecture and development to systems integration and data migration, Flagship Computing has an experienced team with a proven track record of delivery. Find out how we can help you and your team deliver high quality, enterprise level IT solutions that meet your business needs.

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We always aim to add quality and value. Our solutions are designed to provide real business benefit rather than adding overhead. They are engineered to fit within your business, are easy to use, easy to maintain and ready to extend to support client growth. We strongly believe that technology should enable a business not hinder or dictate it's processes or operations.

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Flagship Insight

What's New? Flagship Insight!

Most organisations are already familiar with the concept of Infrastructure monitoring. IT infrastructure is monitored to establish whether or not systems, applications and services are functioning properly, enabling remediation to be taken as soon as problems are detected. Data monitoring applies those same principles to an organisation’s data.

Proactively monitoring the quality, flow and accuracy of data within an organisation provides an immediate awareness of data anomalies and the operational threats those anomalies pose. Flagship Insight not only identifies potential operational issues but immediately alerts those individuals within the organisation that are best placed to resolve them, providing them with details of the issue and supplying the information needed to determine the “next best actions” for resolving and mitigating the issue before they affect business processes, end-users or customers.

If your data can tell you that a newly launched product is out of stock on your website, why provide a poor user experience and risk dropped sales? If your data can tell you that email addresses are missing or invalid, why wait for a disappointing marketing campaign? Why wait until a downstream system fails to find out that there is a bottleneck in the flow of data through your business systems?

Why not start monitoring your data today?
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FCL Consulting

Consulting. Experience on demand.

Flagship Computing manage, design, build and deliver software solutions with scalability, extensibility and robustness in mind. Our consultants combine an agile and pragmatic approach to project delivery with established best practices and processes to ensure quality is built in to each project.

With decades of IT experience between them, our consultants offer a range of consulting services from technical assurance, project management and technical mentoring to software design, architecture and performance tuning. Why not get in touch to see how we can add value to your business?
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Delivery through collaboration

Approach. Delivery through collaboration.

We are not a "body shop". Our objective is to add real business benefit by delivering your solution successfully on time and within budget - It is not our mission to increase our footprint within your organisation.

Whatever the project, our approach is always the same: We focus on working closely with our customers to deliver lean, simple, reliable solutions that best meet their needs. We like to think that our proven track record of delivery - even under the most challenging of circumstances - and regular repeat business from our clients is testament to the fact that our approach works for us and them.

It is often said that the key to a successful project delivery lies in making sure that the right expertise is in the right place at the right time. We agree.
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