Insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context.

Monitoring across the Information Infrastructure

Flagship Insight Multiple Data Sources

Flagship Insight provides a single, consistent, easy to use web based tool for the creation of Test Templates to monitor the flow, quality and accuracy of your organisation’s data. That data can be located within databases such as SQL Server, SQL Azure and Oracle, within a MS Excel spread sheet, on a website, a MSMQ queue or within a SalesForce org.

Tailored Alerting

Flagship Insight Tailored Alerting

Recovery and/or failure notifications are sent via email, SMS or both to any active Recipient that has subscribed to Alerts for a given Test. Alert messages can be tailored to the intended Recipient, ensuring they only receive messages pertinent to their role within the business. This allows non-technical users to receive an Alert message in plain business terms while a detailed, technical message including steps on how to fix potential problems is sent to a technical Recipient.

Environment Snapshots

Flagship Insight Environment Snapshots

A series of additional Diagnostics can be configured to run on test execution, providing a more complete snapshot of the environment at that point in time. As with the Test they support, those Diagnostics can query and retrieve data from any of the data sources supported by Flagship Insight - databases, websites, MSMQ, etc.

Recipient Management and Escalation

Flagship Insight Recipient Management and Escalation

Recipients can be easily subscribed to receive tailored Alerts on Test failure, recovery or both in SMS, email or both formats. Recipients can be made inactive to prevent them from receiving Alerts from any of the Tests they have subscribed to during a period of absence, such as annual leave. The number of times a Test is permitted to fail before a Recipient is alerted is configurable to support internal escalation processes. For example, first line support might be alerted to a failure immediately, third line support alerted after three failures and the head of department after five.

Dashboards and Visibility

Flagship Insight Dashboards and Visibility

The Flagship Insight Dashboard provides an ‘at a glance’ overview of the health of your data as it is monitored. Visual charts are used to allow the Tests that fail most often to be readily identified. The result of the most recent execution for each Test is displayed using a traffic light system to support immediate visual identification of the status of each execution.

Issue Management and Ownership

Flagship Insight Issue Management and Ownership

If a Test execution fails, that failure can be managed to allow it to be investigated and notes of that investigation recorded. Links to a wiki or support documentation can be added to each Test Template to provide additional information to aid in the analysis and resolution of the underlying cause should that Test fail.


Flagship Insight Scheduling

Test Templates can be grouped together for execution at pre-defined times and intervals using the built-in Scheduler. Alternatively, if your organisation is already using scheduling tools such as SQL Server Agent, Windows Scheduler or Cron, you can simply continue to use those instead.